1. Register an account (sign in) with mrkt.cash.

2. Find an advertisement.

  • Go to the main page https://mrkt.cash/ or in the “Buy/Sell” section https://mrkt.cash/offers/.
  • Use offers filter: select cryptocurrency, currency (fiat money), payment method. Pay attention to user rating. Fraud risk when dealing with highly-rated user is minimal.

3. Select an advertisement.

  • Select one from the list.
  • When you click the “Buy/Sell” button, you will see detailed information about the advertisement, including deal terms.
  • Read them carefully. If you don’t agree with its terms, go back to the previous page and select another one. If you agree with the terms, start the deal.

4. Start the deal.

  • In order to start the deal specify how many tokens you want to buy, enter your message for the seller and click the"Start the deal" button.
  • Wait for cryptocurrency depositing on an escrow account.
  • Agree payment details with the seller.
  • Pay and confirm payment by clicking the “I have paid xxx” button
  • If you don’t pay, before payment window is closed, the seller can cancel the deal. You can also ask to extend payment time before the seller cancel the deal.
  • When you click the “I have paid xxx” button, the seller will not be able to cancel the deal.
  • If the seller does not confirm receiving payment, you can start the Dispute by clicking the "Start the dispute" button in the deal form.

5. When the deal is completed, you can give feedback on the seller.

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